Testing Geonode Mapstore Client On Local Install

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Testing Geonode Mapstore Client On Local Install

Zizi Jama
I want to try Geonode Mapstore Client on my local install of GeoNode installed fromĀ  https://github.com/geosolutions-it/geonode-generic

I have looked at the documentation but not quite sure how to proceed

1. I have launched the terminal for the django container - do I execute the two pip commands
  • Execute pip install django-mapstore-adapter --upgrade
  • Execute pip install django-geonode-mapstore-client --upgrade
at this path /usr/src/app/geonode_generic (see picture)

2. Do I modify the setting.py under /usr/src/app/geonode_generic (see picture above)

or /usr/src/geonode/geonode

Thank you,

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