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Test ofthe 0.9.2

Yves Jacolin

Here a first report for the test of the 0.9.2RC release. One short work:
great ! I am happy to see so much change in this new release which
interesting me so much : snapping, Raster manager, etc .

My ECW issue in the QGIS 0.9.1 seems correctedand there are no more problem
with them.

About snapping tools, my "problem"  is that I have some postgis layer (nice
new feature in the postgis layer manager) with two geoemtry columns (point
and polygon) and so in the snapping option toolbox, I can not find the
correct layer I am using as both of them have the same name (not the same
geometry type).

I will try to test it more in a production way and send more reports.

Last things, I send a bug report about the map composer (#908), this is ok now
with the QGIS trunk.

Yves Jacolin
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