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TR: Polygons to Polyhedrons

GUSTIN, Arthur

Hello postgis users, I’m a new-comer in this community !

I use postgresql/postgis + django/geodjango in a project. I need to be able to transform dimensions to the upper dimension, merge objects, etc…


Currently, I’m able to :

-        Transform 3D POINTS to 3D LINE with ST_MakeLine

-        Transform 3D LINE to 3D POLYGON with ST_Polygon


However, I did not find any function like ST_MakePolyhedron. While reading the documentation, I found ST_Dump that perform the opposite of what I want.

I guess I’m able to create a polyhedron in Python, retrieving data from db, parse the text representation, fill a POLYHEDRALSURFACE(((…))) and then reinsert into the database, but I’d prefer a simplest way.

This problem is not easy, because polygons have to be well-oriented. Also the function ST_IsValid does not work for POLYHEDRALSURFACE (ERROR:  ST_MakeValid: unsupported geometry type PolyhedralSurface)


Does anyone has already faced this problem ? Any plan for this ?



Arthur Gustin

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