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CsMap Contractor

Hello All . . .


I have tried to make a submission to the MetCrs repository (CS-MAP sub-repository) and such attempt failed with the following message:


Commit failed (details follow):

Changing file

'D:\CrsMagic\Development\OpenSource\metacrs\csmap\trunk\CsMapDev\VC100\ConsoleTestCpp.vcxproj'  is forbidden by the server

Access to '/metacrs/!svn/bc/2742/csmap/trunk/CsMapDev' forbidden


I was never asked for a user name and/or password.


I have not made a submission in a long long time, so this is likely an error somewhere between the chair and the keyboard.  In any case, any assistance would be appreciated.  The following is the text of the message describing the submission:


Added a Regression Test facility to the console test application.  This is done in the form of two new tests: 'Q' and 'R'.  Test'Q' will generate a regression test file from the code in the library with which the application is linked.  The name of the file produced is the single positional argument to the test; default is 'CsMapRegressionBase.csv'.  The extension must be '.csv' and the 'Q' test must be run on its own.  Further, the 'Q' test requires a '/q' option which is expected to be numeric and indicate the SVN revision number of the library for which the regression file is being written. A regression test file produced with the library at Revision 2742 is also included in this submission.


Test 'R' essentially tests the current library (i.e. whatever the TestCpp application was linked with) with the contents of a regression test file produced by test 'Q'.  The file name is the single positional argument, the default is 'CsMapRegressionBase.csv'. The extension must be '.csv', and the test must be run independently of all other tests.


Note that the regression test file format is that specified in the test suite sub-project of the MetaCrs open source project.


This submission also include correction of a very minor bust in the coordinate system dictionary that was discovered during testing.  Other than this, there should be no change to anything in the library other than the console test module CS_TestCpp.  (Test Z was a partial implementation of this feature attempted several years ago, and this has been removed from the project.)




Norm Olsen

7931 S Broadway, PMB 102

Littleton, CO  80122-2710


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