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Study about people writing research software

Daniel Nüst
Hi everyone,

Since 2016, the Software Sustainability Institute (SSI) conducts surveys
of Research Software Engineers (RSEs) to learn more about them and their
work conditions. Over the last years the RSE community has grown to an
international phenomenon. Various national chapters are active around
the globe to prepare science for the ever-increasing influence of
research software, to support the people behind, and to connect RSEs and
relevant stakeholders. Many advances in geospatial are driven by people
in a research context, so I kindly ask you to support this cause:

It's important to learn more about this community so that our
campaigning, and that of our international partners, continues to help
RSEs gain the recognition they deserve for their huge contribution to
research. The international 2018 survey is currently open for
participants until December 3 at

This survey aims to gain valuable insights into the RSE community in
order to support research funders, research institutions, universities
and others to develop strategies and funding programs as well as
policies. The survey gives you the opportunity to make your point of
view and experiences be heard, and thus be part of the development of
this community.

In case you know others who develop software in research, please feel
free to forward this invitation. We look forward to your participation!

Many thanks,
Daniel, de-RSE

Daniel Nüst
Institute for Geoinformatics (ifgi),   University of Münster
Heisenbergstraße 2, 48149 Münster, Germany; +49 251 83 31962

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