Status Report: PCIDSK, PAM

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Status Report: PCIDSK, PAM

Frank Warmerdam-2

I'm back from vacation and prepping for the OSGEO'05 conference
and ESIP meetings next week.  My ability to deal with requests and
bug reports will be some what impedded till the week after next.


While away I have implemented support for reading PCIDSK overviews
and also support for tiled PCIDSK files.  

Imagine Overviews:

Shortly before leaving I implemented support for building overviews in
Erdas Imagine files (.img) in the internal format, even for very large
files.  Currently TIFF overviews (ie. .ovr files) can only be up to
4GB in size, so currently Imagine is the only format where GDAL can
build overviews for extremely large datasets.  That is images where
even the overviews are larger than 4GB.


The PAM effort is still ongoing.  I recently changed the name of the
auxilary files produced by the PAM classes to have the extension
.aux.xml.  So the auxilary file for irvine.pix would be irvine.pix.aux.xml.
If you have .pam files sitting around you might as well delete or
rename them.  There is still a variety of work to do on PAM support
before I will snapshot a next GDAL release.

Best regards,
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