State of the map in Brussels in 2016!

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State of the map in Brussels in 2016!

Ben Abelshausen
Hi all,

Most of you will already know: State of the map is coming to Belgium next year:

We, OpenStreetMap Belgium, are a small group. We will need help from others in the geo-space or open-space to help with the conference. We need help with:

- The core group of organizers, please email me asap if you want to be involved.
- Searching for sponsoring.
- Volunteers when the conference is happening.
- Search for a venue.

The last point is the most important one: I was in NYC three weeks ago at SOTM-US and that was at the UN-headquarters (!). I think we cannot stay behind and we should try and search for a venue that is just as awesome in Brussels. We have been thinking about the European Parlement, buildings of NGI,...

Please talk to your entire network if you think you can help us with the venue. Feel free to contact me directly for more information.

... and spread the word among all friends, mappers, coders, clients, whatever...!!


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