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St_intersects using GeometryCollection




I need to be able to perform an ST_intersects with a geometry that could be a GeometryCollection.

I understand this is not supported from the PostGis documentation so I have written this query:


select t.geometry

from schema.table t

where (st_intersects(t.geometry, st_collectionextract( st_geometryfromtext(@geometrycollection, 27700),1))  --points

or st_intersects(t.geometry, st_collectionextract( st_geometryfromtext(@geometrycollection, 27700),2))             --lines

or st_intersects(t.geometry, st_collectionextract( st_geometryfromtext(@geometrycollection, 27700),3))             --polygons



Where geometrycollection will be something like 'GEOMETRYCOLLECTION (POINT (290099.9 91499.9), LINESTRING (290099.9 91499.9, 291100.1 91499.9, 291100.1 92500.1, 290099.9 92500.1), POLYGON ((303000 88000, 307000 88000, 307000 84000, 303000 84000, 303000 88000)))'


I have a couple of questions:


Is this the best way to do this? (other people must be doing it?)

Am I missing something as if this works why isn’t it a built in function in PostGis?


Any feedback greatly appreciated,



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