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Spread gvSIG!

Spread gvSIG!

Within the gvSIG Project a new website has been created : gvSIG Outreach [1]. This website aims to house all initiatives that boost the promotion of gvSIG
with the help of the gvSIG Community.

The gvSIG Case Studies website, that was launched a few months ago, has been included within this new website as a section [2]. So, when users visit http://casestudies.gvsig.org, they will be redirected automatically to the new website shortly.

Moreover, we want to announce the launch of a new section within this website: gvSIG Spread!

gvSIG Spread [3] is a repository that all community members can use to contribute to the spreading of the gvSIG project.
According to the collaborative spirit of our community, anyone can download all kinds of resources related to gvSIG. Not only that, but you can also contribute your own materials or translate any material into another language and make it available to everyone [4]. The main goal is that more and more people know and use gvSIG.

At the moment Spread has the following sections: Buttons, Logos, Packaging, Presentations, Posters and Wallpapers, but new categories will be included as we receive new types of materials.

Get inspired and participate! Spread gvSIG!

[1]: http://outreach.gvsig.org/
[2]: http://outreach.gvsig.org/case-studies
[3]: http://outreach.gvsig.org/spread
[4]: http://outreach.gvsig.org/contribute

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