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Frank Warmerdam

The FOSS4G conference committee quite successfully used a google spreadsheet
document as a way of collaborating on sponsorship prospects, and status. So
I have created a similar document for general OSGeo sponsorship, and I'd
be happy to share it with any members of the committee or folks interesting
in pursuing sponsors.  However, it at least mildly sensative so I'd prefer
it not be completely public.

Please email me the appropriate email address you would like it shared with
if you are interested.  I don't really understand how this works for non-gmail
addresses, but apparently it does somehow.  However, I've generally found it
easiest to have a gmail userid and have such documents shared with me at
that address.

Basically I list the email addresses of folks with access to the document
at docs.google.com and then you can login and get it.

Best regards,
I set the clouds in motion - turn up   | Frank Warmerdam, [hidden email]
light and sound - activate the windows | http://pobox.com/~warmerdam
and watch the world go round - Rush    | President OSGeo, http://osgeo.org

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