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Sponsor logos on booths/exhibit material

Tyler Mitchell-5
Hi all,
Some event related material, mainly signs for a booth, are going to  
be created over the upcoming month or so and the question came up  
about which sponsor logos to put on them.  As Sustaining Sponsor,  
Autodesk is the only sponsor to have this explicit privilege.  After  
talking with their marketing group, we both though it can look bad to  
only have a single sponsor shown there.  That is, it can look like  
they are running the whole thing, which is not necessarily the  
message any of us want to portray.

So the question is whether we want to, even temporarily, include our  
associate sponsors in the signs on our booth - just to help diversify  
the feel of it or not.

To help justify it, we could consider using some of the donation from  
a particular sponsor toward the booth or event itself - using it like  
a attribution of their help for the event in particular.  That might  
be a stretch, but I was curious what you thought.

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