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Andreas Neumann-3
Dear Richard,

I am very happy that the sponsorship list now works and that I have to register sponsors only once.

I have the following suggestions for improvements:

  • Reintroduce the direct link to the sponsors webpage
  • Remove the "Amount sponsored" line
  • Do not display sponsorship periods of the future (e.g. the upcoming gold sponsorship from the user group Denmark shouldn't be displayed now, because it starts on October 12. Their silver sponsorship runs until then.
  • Add Country of the sponsor
  • Add City of the sponsor
Can I help with those items above?

The reason for introducing City/Country of sponsor is that a) users might be interested which sponsor of their own country is listed and b) it may help trigger other sponsors of the same country.

Thanks a lot and greetings,

Andreas Neumann
QGIS.ORG board member (treasurer)

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