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Some question about action (0.8 snapshoot)

Hi to all!
I have discovered this wonderfull feature in QGIS ( too late i think :) ), but
i got some problem..before posting a bug report, i wanna understand if i am
missing something:

I add this action:
bash -c "echo \"%area %codice\" >> /home/geko/species_localities.txt"

If i identify a feature, I've got the name of the action under the attribute;
I right click on it and select run
The output in the file is this:
%area %codice
%area %codice

If i go on the attribute table and right click on the same feature, i got
     177183           0

And this is fine!

In both situation, when i right click, the name of the action is overlayed
by "run"..

Thanks for all
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