[SoC] Week 10 Report - Gisquick platform extension

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[SoC] Week 10 Report - Gisquick platform extension

David těthal
Hello everyone,
my report for week 10 is listed bellow.
More detailed info is in project wiki page [1]

What did you get done this period?
- Finished work on raster data support in Gisquick plugin for QGIS [4]. This was huge task that was split into couple of subtasks mentioned in project wiki page [1]
- Done small enhancement that improved QGIS plugin UI [5]
- Fix bugs and add better animation option into Gisquick client [6]
- Updated demo project according to client changes [7]

What do you plan for next week?
- Major task for next week is code refactoring of Gisquick client. I am planing to split huge component into smaller one in order to make code clean and easier to maintain in the future. Current code also contains duplicity that will be removed. This task will be split into subtasks. 

Are you blocked on anything?
- I am not blocked.

Project wiki page [1]
Gisquick client repository [2]
Gisquick plugin for QGIS repository [3]

David Tethal

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