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Christopher Schmidt-2
Observant watchers of SVN may have noticed that the stream of commits
tonight just drew to a close, as three of our valiant hackers just headed
home for the night (/morning -- it's 7AM local).

So, we've been working heavily on controls, renderer cleanups, the
toolbar -- having replaced the existing mousetoolbar, some of the
hariest code in OpenLayers, with 12 lines of code -- and tools for
creating, selecting, and editing features.

Also, today we went through a lot of the outstanding tickets for 2.4: is now much closer to

In general, the vector drawing is in a near-to-complete state. We've got
tools to draw points, lines, and polygons, and we've now got the
infrastructure for building a sane toolbar with these tools. We've done
a lot of cleanup and testing on the existing code to make it compatible
with the trunk of OpenLayers, and we're looking forward to wrapping up
the hackfest today.

CIA, a commit notification system ( has listed
OpenLayers as being in the top five projects (of commits) of all the
participating projects all day today. (At one point we were number 1,
above projects like FreeBSD and Gnome.)

In any case, we look forward to feedback on what we've done today.

Christopher Schmidt
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