Serving tiles generated by gdal2tiles

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Serving tiles generated by gdal2tiles

Jorge Arévalo
Hello everyone,

I want to serve the tiles generated by gdal2tiles utility
( in an efficient way. Tiles
are TMS compatible so, I thought in Tilecache. I know how to access
them using Google Maps API, but I want something more general, like


Taken from

I found information on how to seed tilecache with Mapserver coverages,
WMS coverages, image files... but I'm not sure on how to use tilecache
with generated tiles. Actually, maybe it has no sense... but I'm not

My point is I want to serve my data to be accessed by any kind of
client (web client, desktop client), but I actually have a set of
tiles, generated by gdal2tiles, no big raster files. And these tiles
are in TMS compatible format. Is tilecache my best bet? If yes, how
could I seed tilecache with these previously generated tiles?

Yes, I know that sounds like 'reinventing the wheel'. There're a lot
of rendering engines than can create the tiles and serve them under
any standard protocol, like the recent WMTS. But this is a part of a
research project, and I have these constraints (tiles generated by
gdal2tiles, serve them in a way than can be accessed by any client).
Not a production enviroment.

Many thanks in advance, and best regards,

Jorge Arévalo
Internet & Mobility Division, DEIMOS
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