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Joffrey Schmitz-2

I try to use Geonetwork XML Services to manage automatically my metadata.
xml.metadata.insert and xml.metadata.delete services work very well, but I have some trouble with the "xml.metadata.update" service. I always got an 302 redirection to /geonetwork/srv/eng/service-not-allowed... I use the same authentication piece of code to generate the request.

I tried to open the page ./geonetwork/srv/eng/xml.metadata.insert and ./geonetwork/srv/eng/xml.metadata.delete in my browser, I got a page with "java.lang.Exception: Request must contain a UUID (uuid) or an ID (id) ...". Browsing the page "./geonetwork/srv/eng/xml.metadata.update" redirects me again to the page ./geonetwork/srv/eng/service-not-allowed?referer=/geonetwork/srv/eng/xml.metadata.update.

Is the service always available ? Did I miss something ? I found a workaround by doing a delete then an insert instead of an update, but that is not clean...

Thanks for your answers.

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