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nimalika fernando-2
Hi all,

I should have introduced myself before asking you all ! Sorry for the delay. 
I'm Nimalika. I am attached to SLIIT and involved in GIS related work for few years.

I am a MapServer, GeoServer, QGIS + PostGIS  user .

I had a chance to offer Web-GIS module for MSc students at Postgraduate Institute of Science few years back and MapServer was the main tool used. 

I introduced GIS unit to university of Moratuwa/ Faculty of IT students in 2009 and the same module is now offering at SLIIT. We use QGIS as the main software tool.  But students use various FOSS GIS tools in their projects.

Though I am attached to SLIIT, I am working closely with other universities/ institutes and eager to see better use of FOSS GIS in local context.



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