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Selection Fusion error

Rodolfo Moreno
Hi All,
I am getting the following error message just after I selected features.

My map has 23 layers and only 3 of them are showing this error. I was thinking that could be the datasource but in the Ajaxviewer this error is not raised. That is why I think that the issue is in the fusion viewer.
Additionally I have put these layers, which show the message error, in another map (the map only has these 3 layers) and next I load it in the fusion viewer. In this stage the message error is not showed.

My enviroment is:
Windows 7 + IIS + .NET + SQL2008 (here is the spatial data) + MapGuide 2.2 + Fusion version that come with MapGuide 2.2

Any suggestion it will be a great help. Thanks in advance