Saving a new FeatureType in MapBuilder, not working

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Saving a new FeatureType in MapBuilder, not working

in er

Registered a new namespace:
namespace =  raa
- the uri does not exist.
new datastore with ID = STYRMAN
that is oracle thin

Feature editor:
name: LANX
srs: 4326

title: LANX_NEW

pressing <submit> pressing <apply> pressing  <save>
Now I get the following exception ->exception for
- This is a line in the Struts-Config for Geoserver
- - Saw that the IT-support forced an Window-update on this computer,
something to
do with that ?

Running my index.html, which is using MapBuilder, with the following:


The error from Geoserver Says -> cannot locate raa:lanx:

794141 [FINE] - getting type raa:lanx
org.vfny.geoserver.wms.WmsException: java.util.NoSuchElementException:
Could not locate FeatureTypeConfig 'raa:lanx'

Regards, Ingimar

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