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Christopher Schmidt-2

If you are developing OpenLayers code, we'd like to help you by  
providing a place for you to maintain your code in a subversion  
repository. This will help make it easier for us to integrate changes  
into OpenLayers trunk if changes are made, and will also allow you to  
share your developments with other users more easily.

Starting today, any user who wishes to develop OpenLayers code can  
request access to the  OpenLayers subversion 'sandbox'. This will  
give you access to commit inside your own directory, at http:// .

Code developed in a sandbox will be automatically checked out into after each commit, so there is no  
longer any need to maintain a public version of your testing code, so  
users can test it without needing a subversion client.

To request sandbox access:
  * Visit , and enter a username  
(no spaces) and password.
  * Copy the result to an email to [hidden email] .

Any questions? Comments? Suggestions?

Christopher Schmidt

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