SLD ColorMap with type ramp not supported?

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SLD ColorMap with type ramp not supported?

I'm running Mapscript from my Python code. Eveythign works fine except the image output from my (WMS) script is different from the same raster served by Geoserver.
In both cases my SLD is (excerpt):

                        <sld:ColorMap type="ramp">
                            <sld:ColorMapEntry color="#FFFFFF" opacity="0.0" quantity="-9999" label="-9999"/>
                            <sld:ColorMapEntry color="#FFFFFF" opacity="0.0" quantity="0" label="0"/>
                            <sld:ColorMapEntry color="#FFFFD7" opacity="1.0" quantity="0.01" label="1%"/>
                            <sld:ColorMapEntry color="#FFFF00" opacity="1.0" quantity="0.05" label="5%"/>
                            <sld:ColorMapEntry color="#FFAF50" opacity="1.0" quantity="0.2" label="20%"/>
                            <sld:ColorMapEntry color="#E60000" opacity="1.0" quantity="0.35" label="35%"/>
                            <sld:ColorMapEntry color="#FF00FF" opacity="1.0" quantity="0.50" label="50%"/>
                            <sld:ColorMapEntry color="#9123B4" opacity="1.0" quantity="0.99" label="99%"/>

Geoserver produces an image with interpolated colors while UMN Mapserver produces a categoraized image, as id "intervals" was used instead of "ramp" for the type attribute.

Question: does Mapserver support color ramps with SLD? If yes what am I doing wrong?



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