Review of the Code of Conduct set up on OSGeo Web page

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Review of the Code of Conduct set up on OSGeo Web page

Vicky Vergara-2
Hello all,
Looks like there is a confusion on what is the valid and actual code of conduct:
From gdal mailing list:
This issue was opened:

There are 3 code of conduct mentioned on the OSGeo Webpage about Code of Conduct [1]:
* A resource [2] about Code of Conduct.
* Berlin Code of Conduct [3]
* The contributor Covenant [4]

The specific question raised on the issue is:
Is it possible to convert it to One?
But please follow the discussion taking place on gdal mailing list.

An example of confusion can be also found here:
With a Pull request that has within the the code of conduct, but not a code of conduct by itself

Some OSGeo projects don't mention any kind of code of conduct:
Some others mention the Resource and have a full copy, but do not mention the contribution covenant

I have additional questions
Due to the last events happening around the world about discrimination, are we up to date?
What are other options that we have?
Is our deontological code fully expressed on that set of code of conduct?
What code of conduct shall projects use?
and how they should express the code of conduct?


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