Review of open pull requests and branches reorganization

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Review of open pull requests and branches reorganization

Jose Garcia

Next week Tuesday / Wednesday, Francois and I plan to review / merge the open pull requests and work on the branch reorganization proposal submitted on March 1 to the list:

main: based on the current 4.0.x branch, with 4.1.x version numbering (for a future 4.2 release).

3.12.x branch: based on the current master branch, for a last release of 3.x versions. master has no many changes from 3.10.x, but there are some features, like delete history and CMIS datastore that can be relevant for certain users that can't upgrade to 4.0 version yet.

4.0.x branch and 3.12.x will be the stable branches for both versions and PR will require to be addressed to the main branch as usual.

Anyone who can join in to help test pull requests is welcome. Thanks in advance.

Jose García

Vriendelijke groeten / Kind regards,

Jose García

Veenderweg 13
6721 WD Bennekom
The Netherlands
T: <a href="tel:+31318416664" style="font-family:Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif" target="_blank">+31 (0)318 416664

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