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As I have said before, I plan to do a full review of the CoC, line by
line, to try to find loopholes and how to improve it, with a diversity

What do you think is the best approach to do the discussion? Through
github/gitlab PR? On a wiki page? On the mailing list?

I want it to be public and open to everyone, but at the same time I
want to keep some order. I would do it through github pull requests,
but I want to hear if you have a better idea, I am not sure if moving
the discussion to a commercial website is the best idea. Maybe the
osgeo gitlab is better?

Just to make this clear: I think the current CoC was a great job and I
want to thank everyone that worked on it. It is just that, the more we
study how to improve diversity, better approaches are discovered that
we didn't think of before.

And by reviewing the OSGeo CoC, we can also create a conference CoC
template so all events can use it as base and extend it with

Kind regards,
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