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Repo is cleaned

Augustin Trancart
Hi there!

The new shiny repo is PUSHED and cleaned.

I advise you to re-clone the repo and check if your branches are ok. It's better
you don't use your old repo to avoid pushing back old history by mistakes (but
you can play with remotes if you know what you're doing).

If you had branches not yet pushed (or partially pushed), you will need to use
git rebase --onto or git cherry-pick with 2 remotes. A slower but safer
alternative is to create patches with `git diff` from the old repo, and apply
them with `git apply` in the new repo.

Anyhow, please use `git cherry -v` before pushing to check what you're going to
push (a good practice at all time btw)! If it shows more than the few commits
you've done in this branch, it means there's something wrong :-)

A backup is available here:
And I'm available by mail or IRC if difficulties arise (basically at any time
except next Monday and Tuesday).

Thanks everyone for your patience :-)

Augustin Trancart - Oslandia
[hidden email]

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