Rendering Non-RGB COG's

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Rendering Non-RGB COG's

Daniel Dufour
Hi, everyone.  I was wondering if there is a best practice / community consensus on how to render an arbitrary non-RGB COG?  In other words, how do we decide what pixel color a raster value corresponds to?  I haven't kept fully up-to-date on recent developments, so I might totally be missing something.  As far as I recall, the min and max aren't usually stored in GeoTIFF metadata.  I came across MinSampleValue[1] and MaxSampleValue[2], but can't recall seeing them in use before.  Should we be using these tags to scale a value for rendering?  Or is it more common to compute the statistics XML or JSON file using GDAL and fetch that?

This question came about as a result of the great work that Michael Hiley is doing to add COG support to georaster-layer-for-leaflet[3].  You can see the code here:

Thank you very much for any advice you can provide and have a great weekend!

Daniel J. Dufour


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