Reminder: FOSS4G 2016 Code Sprint Bonn August

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Reminder: FOSS4G 2016 Code Sprint Bonn August

OSGeo Code Sprint
Hello FOSS4G 2016 code sprinters,

this is a kind reminder to come join the FOSS4G 2016 code sprint in Bonn
in August 2016. Why? Because it's gonna be awesome!

We are happy to have found a really great location for you. Codesprint
and accommodations are combined in one hall. Check out for details about the venue.

We have already 30 registration for the code sprint. Already 10 projects
registered and will come together to work on their code (GRASS GIS,
QGIS, PyWPS, GIS.lab, Mapbender, MapServer, OpenLayers, EOxServer,
LASzip for LAS 1.4, GDAL).

We will provide food & fun for you.

Read more about the sprint ad please add your name to the FOSS4G 2016
Code Sprint Wiki page:

We will provide an advance booking for and inform you when the booking
will start.

  Part I: Sun 2016-⁠08-⁠21 12:00 noon -⁠ Tue 2016-⁠08-⁠23 (open end)
  Part II: Sat 2016-⁠08-⁠27 -⁠ Sun 2016-⁠08-⁠28 12:00 noon

Where to sleep:

  Venue & Accommodation: BaseCamp. (For more informations:
  Nearby Hotel: Bonnox (

Hope to see you at the FOSS4G 2016 Code Sprint!

The FOSS4G Code Sprint Team
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