Release of MERIDIAN profile GeoNetwork (3.4.4) plugin

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Release of MERIDIAN profile GeoNetwork (3.4.4) plugin

Kim Mortimer
Hi all,

I wanted to share that MERIDIAN's GeoNetwork plugin for our custom profile of ISO 19139-2:2012 is finally in a state ready for release. You can find it here - Links to documentation can be found in the readme. Unfortunately it's designed for GeoNetwork 3.4.4, and I believe 3.6 and onward have some breaking changes with profile plugins.

There are still some lingering issues - e.g., with typed Darwin Core fields, and my wrong-headed attempt to use tabs instead of spaces - but I can confirm it's functional for GeoNetwork 3.4.4 and is currently powering our discovery portal at We're currently working on further improvements to this portal and our associated metadata submission form.

I'm hopeful that this proves useful to others looking to develop their own custom profiles and plugins. There were a lot of places where my inexperience with XSLT caused me to stumble, particularly with displaying and making the new additions editable.

Feel free to report issues via the GitLab or directly to me. While this plugin isn't currently my top priority, it's definitely part of my work here at MERIDIAN and I'm keen on improving it. (I'd also eventually like to migrate it to later versions of GeoNetwork, too)


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