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Release announcement: PROJ 5.1.0

Kristian Evers-2



It is our pleasure to announce the release of PROJ version 5.1.0. This

release includes both new features and bug fixes in PROJ. See the

release notes below for details.


Downloads are here: ( (



Thanks to everyone who contributed to this release.


The PROJ dev team




5.1.0 Release Notes






o Function proj_errno_string() added to proj.h API (#847)


o Validate units between pipeline steps and ensure transformation

   sanity (#906)


o Print help when calling cct and gie without arguments (#907)


o CITATION file added to source distribution (#914)


o Webmercator operation added (#925)


o Enhanced numerical precision of forward spherical Mercator near

   the Equator (#928)


o Added --skip-lines option to cct (#923)


o Consistently return NaN values on NaN input (#949)


o Removed unused src/org_proj4_Projections.h file (#956)


o Java Native Interface bindings updated (#957, #969)


o Horizontal and vertical gridshift operations extended to

   the temporal domain (#1015)






o Handle nan float cast overflow in PJ_robin.c and nad_intr.c (#887)


o Avoid overflow when Horner order is unreasonably large (#893)


o Avoid unwanted NaN conversions in etmerc (#899)


o Avoid memory failure in gie when not specifying x,y,z in gie files (#902)


o Avoid memory failure when +sweep is initialized incorrectly in geos (#908)


o Return HUGE_VAL on erroneous input in ortho (#912)


o Handle commented lines correctly in cct (#933)


o Avoid segmentation fault when transformation coordinates outside grid

   area in deformation (#934)


o Avoid doing false easting/northing adjustments on cartesian

   coordinates (#936)


o Thread-safe creation of proj mutex (#954)


o Avoid errors when setting up geos with +lat_0!=0 (#986)


o Reset errno when running proj in verbose mode (#988)


o Do not interpolate node values at nodata value in vertical

   grid shifts (#1004)


o Restrict Horner degrees to positive integer values to avoid

   memory allocation issues (#1005)


All bug fix numbers refer to issues or pull requests indexed at





Version 5.1.0 is made possible by the following contributors:


   Kristian Evers

   Even Rouault

   Kurt Schwehr

   Mike Toews

   Martin Desruisseaux

   Charles Karney

   Thomas Knudsen

   Javier Goizueta

   Bas Couwenberg

   Adam Wulkiewicz

   Aaron Puchert

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