Release GeoNetwork 2.0.1 with small fixes

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Release GeoNetwork 2.0.1 with small fixes

Jeroen Ticheler-3
Hi all,
We have created a Here's the updated list on changes to GN for  
version 2.0.1

- Search button appeared only half on Internet Explorer
- Calendar pop up in Editor didn't work on IE
- Installation on MySQL 5 had problems with autocommit.
- Download of uploaded resource failed on MySQL

- Improvements on the User administration editing interface
                An ordered list of User profiles from unlimited to limited privileges.
                The profiles list is multi-lingual now, with translations for  
French and Spanish included
                Editor is the default selected profile when creating a new user
                The groups list is visible when creating a new user
- Improvements in the Template system
                Editors and above will be able to create new metadata using  
templates also when they do not have edit privileges on the specific  
template, but are allowed to see it.
- In the Editor:
        All multi line fields in the metadata editor support line feeds,  
maintaining the original layout.
        The geoBox displays the thumbnail when available (ISO19115).
        When editing an online resource with the Web address (URL) as  
protocol, the name field is hidden as it is not required.
        The maximum file size of resources that can be uploaded through the  
web site is augmented to 50MB. Bigger files have to be added manually  
on the server.

  Functions added:
   - RSS feed for recently updated metadata

Known issues planned to be fixed in release 2.0.2 (early January):
- Validation of metadata fails on some Windows installations
- Java 1.5 is not yet supported. This also causes incompatibility of  
GeoNetwork opensource with Tomcat 5.5, that depends on Java 5 (or 1.5)
- Support for GeoRSS on top of the current RSS (we need a testing  
client! Any suggestions?)

A very Happy New Year!
The GeoNetwork opensource development Team