Recent changes to the OSGeo Oceania Board

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Recent changes to the OSGeo Oceania Board

Alex Leith
Dear OSGeo Oceania members and our broader community

I’m writing to provide an update on a few changes to the OSGeo Oceania Board.

Firstly, our Chair John Bryant has resigned from the Board. This is a great loss to our Board as I’m sure all of you know. John has worked tirelessly on our community, from the very earliest spark of an idea of running a conference in the region through to the creation of OSGeo Oceania Limited, the entity that now exists to support the community. I’ve known John only for a couple of years, but we’ve spent a lot of time making things happen together and I have to say that he is a remarkable person who is driven to get things done and to go the extra mile. I think I speak for all Board members by saying that we’ll miss him and that he leaves a large void and oversized footwear behind him!

So, thank you John, for all your time and hard work.

The Board met on the 12th of June to discuss John’s departure among other things. I was nominated as Chair and have accepted with the support of all members of the Board, so I’m writing to you now as Chair. It’s a great honour, and I’ll strive to ensure that this organisation operates transparently and remains a strong and viable organisation so that we can steward the conference series as well as supporting the open community throughout Oceania.

With John’s resignation, we now have a vacant Board position. The Board has decided that this should remain vacant until the next election, which will be November this year, at which point John’s term and four other current directors’ terms would have ended anyway.

Please contact me or any other Board member if you have any questions.

Kind regards,

Alex Leith
Chair, OSGeo Oceania Limited

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