Rebuild MapServer 6.0.2 at Windowns with problems

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Rebuild MapServer 6.0.2 at Windowns with problems
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I am trying to rebuid MapServer 6.0.2, because we request input variables are greater and also the response.

First, I download and install ms4w for windows.

Second, I download a building kit (release-1600 for 32 bits), from

Three, I recompile the code, without changes with nmake ms, because I want to be sure that my compiled version is ok.

I had the following problem PHP Warning:  PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library 'C:/ms4w/Apache/php/ext/php_mapscript.dll' - No se puede encontrar el m\xf3dulo especificado.\r

I also note that nmake ms, appear with a lot of warnings.

How can I generate a php-mapscript.dll ? Are there any guide in order to configure correctly Makefile ?

Thanks in advance