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Re: v.what.vect never ends, SQLite warning

Hi Everyone,
When I try v.what.vect on a point layer and the output of a v.voronoi, after around an hour I begin getting the warnings that apparently are because of an SQLite database lock.

This is not what happens with v.what.vect only.
When exporting the layer to shapefile or any other format it happens too. The point layer is not very big. it has 275,000 records and each has 350 features (they are mostly double precision). The same happens with v.color on this layer.

I have read feedback like, the SQLite doesn't like concurrent access on the same table, although I have restarted the computer, run only grass or tried to run it from R within GRASS and no other connection to that database existed, although the process takes forever and I begin getting the warning "Waiting for XXX seconds"

Do you know how can I accelerate the processing or make it work?

FYI, the CPU is not very busy more than 15-20% of its total capacity and the memory of 16GB is usually half free. The writing on disk is very minimal when it is working before the SQLite lock warning.

Kind regards,


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