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Re: unify PyWPS and pycsw configurations

Hi Jachym: sounds good. See the pycsw configuration doc at

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On Jan 25, 2016, at 03:25, Jachym Cepicky <[hidden email]> wrote:

so +1 for this proposal, btw

po 25. 1. 2016 v 9:25 odesílatel Jachym Cepicky <[hidden email]> napsal:
Tom, I was about suggest the same - sections and renaming. Do you already have some documentation page, we could stick to?


so 23. 1. 2016 v 23:49 odesílatel Tom Kralidis <[hidden email]> napsal:
Hi all: the PyWPS and pycsw configurations are quite similar:


Given the similarities and that both PyWPS and pycsw are heading into
major releases (PyWPS 4, pycsw 2.0), it's a great time to work on unifying
these for common objects to align.


- unify server sections
- move PyWPS [wps] and [provider] sections into a single section called

The benefit here would be a single config for both installs.  This would not
limit each project from their own specific additional config sections
or options,
but would make the ones they share in common consistent and clear.


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