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Camille Acey-3
Thanks for this report back, Jachym. I don't think we imagined it to be a Hot Topic. It is just something that many felt was necessary in order to make the OSGeo community more welcoming. I am quite happy for it to be a lukewarm topic!


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short report from the BoF meeting [1] about Diversity / Code of conduct at
FOSS4G Seoul 2015, Jeff called and promoted  the standard way and inviting
several important members of the community personally:

Nobody came, except for Jeff and me

Personal note: This shows to me, how hot this topic really is within our

I consider it a missed opportunity to clarify some misunderstandings we
were all facing during last months of discussions. I was hoping to get at
least to the face to face chat later at the conference, but did not find
other opportunity.

Hope for next time



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