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Daniel Calvelo
Mmmh, I might have broken it when cleaning up all the 'self'
references in mainFrame and cmdPanel. But I'd say it's healthy that
such breakage occurs and can be fixed: it means we are less dependent
on implementation details and having cleaner interfaces between the

We should be drafting some testing protocol. It's not easy to have
unit testing for UIs, so at least a manual set of operations that we
may assume covers most code will do. Something like:

- launch wxgrass
- add a vector layer with default options (first wxgui+menuform test)
- double-click it (layer management comm between wxgui and menuform)
- add overlays (comm between menuform and mapdisp)
- add a raster layer
- set transparency

and so on.

We will soon start having testers that might indicate buggy operations
to be added to this protocol.



On 4/15/07, Michael Barton <[hidden email]> wrote:

>  It was in, so I'm assuming I broke it (though I don't know how).
> But it was easy to fix.
>  Michael
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