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Re: [postgis-users] PostGIS 2.4.0rc2 released

Greg Troxel-2

"Regina Obe" <[hidden email]> writes:

> But anyrate strk and I discussed as to how to split and revise some
> other issues with the make dist why I can't use it as is and I'll
> split out the move to a separate script that calls the main make dist
> first.

Thanks - and that sounds like a great outcome.  Sorry to be so cranky
about this, but I have seen too many cases (not really about postgis)
where me trying to make a distfile and then test a package ended up
different from how the official distfile appeared.  I didn't explain
that - the big thing is that I want to be able to run some
tarball-creation script  and be sure that's the same thing that will
happen for the release.

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