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Stephen Woodbridge-4
Hello Paul,

I've added this inquiry to the pgrouting-users mailing list because
others might have more information on it.

I'm not sure what the state of the pgr_createTopology() function is as I
have not used it recently. I actually created my own function
createTopology3D() to handle this information when I was working with
datasets that included a zlevel attribute. The simple way I did this was
to create a pointz with (lon, lat, zlevel) which created enough
separation for multiple points at the same lon, lat that nodes at
different zlevel would be connected correctly.

I'm not sure of this applies to OSM. Does OSM have zlevel information?

I suspect that pgr_createTopology() does not support this because there
is no standards in the industry for how to represent zlevel information,
but you should be able to copy pgr_createTopology and create a
pgr_createTopology3D that supports your needs for your dataset.


On 4/15/2019 4:38 AM, paul serveau wrote:

> Hello Sir,
> I saw this mail address on the net so I am trying to write to you by
> this way.
> I am a french Geomatic student and I am working on building a routing
> app with osm datas.
> I read your tutorial at
> In this text, you mention the fact that all crossings must not be
> noded because of z level (bridges, tunnels, ...). But the example you
> give does not take those kind of datas into account.
> I would like to know wether, to your knowledge, it is possible to take
> bridges and tunnels into account while noding the roads with
> pgr_createTopoly.
> Thank you for your reading,
> I am looking forward to reading from you,
> Paul Serveau.

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