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Sourabh Garg
Sorry for being late, 

     Actually, Some mentioned issues were new to me, so it took me some time to get a little deeper understanding of them. As proposed, I am also in the opinion of Roadmap2, as it will give us a continuous stretch of time to work on issues. Regarding the proposed work: I think  Rewriting the  pgr_alphaShape function should be done in the upcoming version as it is always good to have fewer dependencies. I would love to contribute to pgr_trsp with Dijkstra implementation as I had earlier worked relevant to it. According to me, It is of great utility to the users which must be addressed in the next release.
We can definitely maintain and test some proposed functions and bring them in the execution state of pgrouting as sooner as possible to widen the functionality of pgrouting. One such function, I encountered is pgr_ksp( issue), which can be included. It is also essential to clean up all the deprecated functions, to reduce the issues in future. I would be happy to involve in the above works and in the version3.0 release.


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