Re: [mapguide-users] Crash in MapGuide Web Extensions upon web server shutdown

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Re: [mapguide-users] Crash in MapGuide Web Extensions upon web server shutdown

Yves Dierick
Yes,probably that StopCheckServersThread() should indeed be called from
MgUninitializeWebTierInternal(), and that the latter should wait for the
thread being terminated before returning.


On Thu, Aug 22, 2013 at 1:25 PM, Jackie Ng <[hidden email]> wrote:

> You might want to cross-post this to mapguide-internals as well given the
> somewhat technical subject matter.
> Not a true multi-threading expert here, but I do know that any
> variables/members in MapGuide that can be accessed from multiple threads
> are
> usually protected by mutexes. An ACE_MT(ACE_GUARD(...)) macro does the
> mutex
> locking and any code following that in the same block is a thread-safe
> critical section.
> I also see a MgSiteManager::StopCheckServersThread() that supposedly stops
> the background thread, but I can't see anything in the Web Tier that calls
> into this. Perhaps this is what MgUninitializeWebTierInternal() should also
> be calling?
> - Jackie
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