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Re: mapbender - increase automatic logout time

Hi Charlotte and All,
we have set

cookie_lifetime = 0

in parameters.yaml (app/config/parameters.yml in mapbender-folder)

but users are still logged out (MB after about one hour.

This is on a windows server running apache (and I have to admit I am not
very well versed with windows servers).
Could there be other settings we will need to change ?

We have set also the folling in php.ini while trying to fix the problem:

session.cookie_lifetime = 0
session.gc_maxlifetime = 36000
session.cache_expire = 600
session.cache_limiter = private
Any hints how to solve this?

Charlotte Toma (WhereGroup) charlotte.toma at
Wed Jul 24 06:19:43 PDT 2019

Hello Karsten,
you can use the parameter "cookie_lifetime" in the parameters.yaml
(app/config/parameters.yml in mapbender-folder).

The default-value is 3600 and means, that the user is logged out after60
minutes. If you want to disable the logout so the user can staylogged in as
long as the browser remains open you can set this parameterto 0. =

*cookie_lifetime = 0*

Documentation of

Charlotte Toma


From: karsten [mailto:[hidden email]]
Sent: Wednesday, July 24, 2019 05:12
To: '[hidden email]'
Subject: mapbender - increase automatic logout time

Hi All,
would anyone know how I can increase the time when a MapBender user will
need to log into MapBender again.
Some users reported having to log in after a very short time. I was thinking
that there should be a parameter in php.ini but not sure which is the
correct one to increase the time for automatic logout affecting MapBender.
Is that done with the parameter session.gc_maxlifetime  ?
Any hints how to solve this?

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