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Hi all,

I'm trying to compile gvSIG in Eclipse. I followed these manuals
[2,3,4] and used this repository and tag [1].

I have downloaded and compiled these projects:
- appgvSIG
- _fwAndami
- binaries
- libFMap
- libExceptions
- libJCRS
- libIverUtiles
- libUIcomponent
- libInternationalization
- libCorePlugin
- extJCRS
There are no errors during compilation.

But I have errors on start up. I have almost the same log as in [10]
(or above). First error is:

ERROR [AWT-EventQueue-1] ( - Cannot locate extension

I have checked manually that in
is class com.iver.cit.gvsig.ViewControls (file
In the same place is for example extension
com.iver.cit.gvsig.ViewSelectionControls which is initialized:
INFO [AWT-EventQueue-1] ( - Initializing

I'm using Ubuntu 10.04, Eclipse SDK 3.5.2. Manuals suggested to set
Java Compiler compliance level to 1.5. Runtime JRE is set to Project
JRE (java-6-openjdk).
In command line java -version prints:
java version "1.6.0_20"
OpenJDK Runtime Environment (IcedTea6 1.9.7) (6b20-1.9.7-0ubuntu1~10.04.1)
OpenJDK Client VM (build 19.0-b09, mixed mode, sharing)

Should I try to use Maven? But it could be an issue, I think (some
urls in pom.xml files doesn't exist any more). Or I could try running
gvSIG in command line, but I don't know right parameters. However, I
suppose it wouldn't solve the problem.

Summary: Some extensions have been loaded from com.iver.cit.gvsig but
extension ViewControls have not.



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