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Veronica Andreo

Well, I don't think the actual amount spent for travel grants was
2957.28€, as IIRC, Nikos never claimed his 225.00€, so total expenses
would be 2838.28€, and so we should have

3630.74€ - 2838.28€ = 792,46€

left. On the bank account we have 887,46€, so either some reimbursements
still need to happen (but I'm not aware of any), or there is some error
in the calculations somewhere.

I was not reimbursed either, but instead donated that for beers next time :) 
(IIRC, was something like 90 euros or so from train tickets)

Let's keep it as donation from "unknown error".


When can we submit/apply for the 2019 budget then?? I really wish to see a new GRASS website this year! :)


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