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Vincent Bain
Hello Vaclav,
QGIS (desktop GIS application) is another suggestion.

I uploaded svg files after some structural enhancements. Hope this will
help translators edit the source file:


Le mardi 25 octobre 2016 à 18:30 -0400, Vaclav Petras a écrit :

> Hi, some comments and questions for the interoperability section:
> QGIS (Free geodata viewer and more)
> I think QGIS outgrew this description some time ago. What about some
> "general-purpose GIS"? I don't have idea here.
> R-Language (statistics) => R (language and environment for statics)
> R website says "R is a language and environment for statistical
> computing and graphics." If there is not enough space, we can drop
> "language".
> Gstat (geostatistics)
> Isn't this just a R package at this point?

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