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Wang, Ya
Hello All,

I am struggling with the "OverviewMap" widget in Fusion for Mapserver. I wish someone can help me. Here is my problem. I change the map projection for the map in the "Map" widget into EGSG:2227. The map in the "Map" widget works fine. However, the map in the "OverviewMap" widget doesn't show up any more. When I check the URL link for both maps, I found the problem is caused by improper values set for parameters: mapext and imgext, for the map in the "OverviewMap" widget.

Here are urls for both the correct map and the no-show map:

For the map in the "Map" widget:

For the map in the "OverviewMap" widget:


Seems that the mapext for the no show map is such a small bound that nothing is contained in it.  I am wondering how I can fix this problem. In addition, I am wondering how and where the mapext and imgext for the map in the "OverviewMap" are calculated. I don't see it in OverviewMap.js.

Many Thanks,

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