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Re: does GN supports xlink and anchor ?? [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]

Hi Lukasz,

I'm not very familiar with the GN architecture so I'm not 100% sure about
this response.  Maybe others can confirm this but I think that in order for
XLINK to work you will need to store an XML document as an XML object.  I
think that GN uses VARCHAR or VARCHAR2 which are of course just strings and
hence XLINK may not yet be available.  

Therefore I think that you have two choices:

1. Pull the XML out of the database and then use some other tool to resolve
any XLINKs.  


2. Change the type that GN stores the XML in a database to XML type or object
and then use the RDBMS XLINK tools if they have them.

I personally think that option two is the best direction, architecturally
speaking, but it is a lot more work than option one.  However, if GN is to
work with many RDBMS and some of those don't have XLINK or XML object
capabilities then option one may be best for a generic solution.

Either way I think that there is a lot of work cut out for you to get XLINK
working.  However, I am *very* interested in your results because I think
that it is the way we would like GN's architecture to go.  XLINK will save a
lot of metadata entry and management time.

Sorry I can't give you the answer you wanted.


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> Hi,
> Recently I heard that geonetwork does not support attribute
> 'gco:nilReason'.
> I have questions to two more elements. Does geonetwork
> supports XLINK and
> Anchor ??
> If not, which package do I have to modify to add this
> functionality ??
> Kind regards,
> Lukasz
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