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Sounds good. Thanks Jachym!

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On Jan 28, 2016, at 15:57, Jachym Cepicky <[hidden email]> wrote:

hi Tom,

generally, I agree, but I would like to keep the layout as it is now (sorry for doing, instead of reading this mail at first place):

I've re-newed page with links to 

PyWPS-3 stable
PyWPS-3 tutorial

and PyWPS-4 - development


Once PyWPS-4 is out, that should be clearly *the* main link.

I've asked Alex, to pass me the Owner rights at readthedocs for PyWPS project once I have it, I'll manage it and point to current location



čt 28. 1. 2016 v 15:16 odesílatel Tom Kralidis <[hidden email]> napsal:
Hi all: I've started to take a look at the PyWPS documentation state
of affairs and have come up with the following:

Current scenario: there are numerous documentation paths:

- main docs landing page:
- PyWPS 4 docs:
- PyWPS 3.x tutorial:
- PyWPS 3 docs:

I think it would be valuable to have be a landing page
to the above
with pointing to PyWPS 3 docs in
and once PyWPS 4 is final then this will naturally fold into given the binding to


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pywps-dev mailing list
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