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Anselm Hook
> * Chris Thorne is interested to use implement X3D rendering. (3D
> rendering which can be installed into a browser as a pluggin). Some info
> at

I'd like to see 3d as well although it seems off topic.  But even
though it doesn't seem to overlap here hugely; where possible, and if
it is not a huge waste of time, this scenegraph could leave some
consideration for that eventual possibility; such as having vrml style
vec2f and vec3f type declarations or perhaps even 'quat4f' instead of
solely owning the term 'point' to refer to a longitude and latitude in
polar coordinates at an unspecified elevation above a sphere...

Also, this is probably off topic as well, but even in 2d it is nice to
have a rich enough scene-graph that you could declare the behavior of
autonomous agents; such as elements in a 2d video game or say a 2d
simulation of local biota in some ecosystem...  (I suppose this is
pointed out in the cyclist-map-blog use-case written up on the wiki).

 - a
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