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On 28 September 2010 18:00, <[hidden email]> wrote:
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Today's Topics:

  1. Labels getting cut at tile boundaries
     (David Alda Fernandez de Lezea)

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: "David Alda Fernandez de Lezea" <[hidden email]>
To: <[hidden email]>
Date: Tue, 28 Sep 2010 09:11:01 +0200
Subject: [Tilecache] Labels getting cut at tile boundaries
Hi list,

I'm facing a little problem with some labels from a layer that I've generated with tilecache. They're splitted in the tile boundaries. I've been reading some solutions. I've succesfully installed Python Imaging Library, and I've also set metaTile=true and metaBuffer=256, but when I execute over this layer I get an error:

C:\ms4w\Apache\cgi-bin\tilecache-2.10> toponimia_50000 0 3
###### (0, 0, 0), (2, 2, 0)
Cache miss: 460000.0,4690000.0,535000.0,4765000.0, Tile: x: 0, y: 0, z: 0, time:
00 (000000, 000000) = (460000.0000 4690000.0000 535000.0000 4765000.0000) [0.610
0s : 1.639/s] 1/1
Traceback (most recent call last):
 File "C:\ms4w\Apache\cgi-bin\tilecache-2.10\", line 9, in <mo
 File "C:\ms4w\Apache\cgi-bin\tilecache-2.10\TileCache\", line 162, in
   seed(svc, layer, map(int, args[1:3]), bboxlist , padding=options.padding, fo
rce = options.force, reverse = options.reverse)
 File "C:\ms4w\Apache\cgi-bin\tilecache-2.10\TileCache\", line 117, in
 File "C:\ms4w\Apache\cgi-bin\tilecache-2.10\TileCache\", line 140, i
n renderTile
   else: raise Exception("Zero length data returned from layer.")
Exception: Zero length data returned from layer.


My layer configuration at TileCache

bbox=460000, 4690000, 610000, 4820000


Do I have to configure something else??

In the piece of TileCache config file you gave, I miss the parameter 'levels' (the number of zoom levels). Both 'maxResolution' and 'levels' are needed to calculate the set of map resolutions. Another option is giving directly the set of map resolutions by using the parameter 'resolutions'.

Hope this helps.

Thanks in advance.

Un saludo,


David Alda Fernández de Lezea
Lurralde eta Biodibertsitate Saila / Dpto. de Territorio y Biodiversidad

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